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Fuyoh! GoExcel Freight Has Gone Live for Global Track Lines (M) Sdn Bhd

I'm super excited to announce that Global Track Lines(M) Sdn Bhd has recently Gone Live with GoExcel Logistics, which use Freight, Transport, CRM and Accounting module to transform their Freight Forwarding business.

What's more!!! In the October, we also have another client Cargo4u Sdn Bhd that has gone live too. Both of the companies are using the latest GoExcel Logistics 2.0. Check out here for our latest features in the GoExcel Logistics 2.0.

Chill out and wait to see more Go Live in this month and in coming months.

Amidst the spike of pandemic, I've noticed that SMEs in Malaysia have embraced the digital trend swiftly and rethink their business and operation digitally. Some new norms have been emerged.

  1. Most businesses would opt for Cloud based solution, and no longer preferred on premise or desktop application. These would help their employees to work from home and serve their customers promptly.

2. Business owner and stakeholders are willing to accept online demo, instead of onsite demo.

3. Project implementation, such as Requirement Gathering, User Acceptance Test and Go Live can be done via the Zoom or Google Meet.

4. Remote Go Live Support would be a new norm.

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