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GoExcel Logistics 4.0

Freight Operation

  1. For Agency business and liner, use the master booking and ocean job for COC and SOC.

  2. Chronological Container Event Sheet

  3. Vendor invoice status (Invoiced, Partially Paid, Paid).

  4. Mass update of the vessel delayed.

  5. Request for Quotation via the Portal.

  6. Send the SI in Excel to the customer and auto update the SI in Excel to the system.


  1. Accrual for vendor invoices

  2. Prepayment for vendor invoices

  3. Adding credit note to the customer and vendor payment.

  4. Contra for different partner (Customer and Vendor).

  5. Deferred Expenses for prepayment (Insurance, roadtax, subscription, etc)

  6. Download the SOA to the Excel format.

  7. Improvement on the Bank Reconciliation.

  8. Approval for the Payment Voucher.


  1. Auto scroll for the list view that are long.

  2. Sticky Pivot table header.

  3. Filter date field with the relative date 'Next month', 'Next 3 months', 'Next Year', etc.

  4. Shortcut to "Save" and "Edit" by double clicking on the empty space.


  1. Activity Management to allow to assign task to multiple users and monitor the task completion and reminder.

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