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Meet the GoExcel Logistics V2.0

Meet the GoExcel Logistics V2.0, which was launched in October 2020.

We are proud that again, we have never failed in our commitment to accelerate our cloud based logistic solution to another level!

1. Ocean Freight

a. House BL printing to the pdf, with watermark and T&C fine print.

b. Correction Manifest and Telex Release.

c. Shipping Instruction to Carrier and Shipping Instruction to Customer in Excel

2. Land Freight

a. Transport (point-to-point) quotation.

b. Transport invoicing with DO attachments in the pdf printing.

3. Air Freight

a. Air Freight Quotation for different airlines and weight-price.

4. Accounting

a. Multiple Invoicing for a single job and Cost Accrual for supplier invoice.

b. Bulk credit note and debit note reconciliation against the vendor bill/invoices.

c. Partner payment listing report to show the payments from customers and to the vendors.

d. Credit note listing report to show the credit note reconciliation against the invoices.

5. Analytic and Dashboard

a. Fantastic Dashboard for the Sales, Accounting and CRM.

b. Sales Commission Report, based on the paid invoices.

Check out what GoExcel Logistics can offer to Freight Forwarder@

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