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Odoo with AI ChatGPT

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

In line with the latest AI trending, our R&D team has initiated a project to integrate AI to the Odoo, based on the various feedback from our customers.

Our first option is to review the most popular AI, ie. Open AI ChatGPT. Open AI ChatGPT has many models, and among the most popular one are GPT-3.5 and

GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo.

Criteria for Selecting Generative AI model for Odoo:

  1. Trainable AI model that will learn from the Odoo Postgresql database.

  2. Support lengthy context to pass to the AI model to analyze the input.

  3. Support natural language processing to process the input and translate the output to human readable language.

Last but not the least, AI model API should be cost effective, to be commercially viable.

API from GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo, as of now, although being LLM, does not fit entirely to criteria #1. and #2.

Therefore, after much research, we've found Vanna AI - a personalized AI SQL Agent that fit the criteria #1 and #2. It is capable of translating the natural language input and convert it into SQL SELECT statement, that is able to query Postgresql. Best of all, we can train the AI with Odoo database structure.

What are the possible business area in Odoo that could leverage AI?

a) An AI powered chatbot in the ecommerce website for your retail customer s to ask the real time information of stock availability, delivery status, etc. This could also used in B2B portal for similar customer support.

b) Empowered your salesperson to ask about their customer order, customer payment history, stock availability, etc.

c) Internal Assistant to employee to speed up the learning of the software, company SOP, business process and domain knowledge query.

Enjoy this video to see how it works! Coming up next is to see how AI-driven customer service in the WhatsApp.

Contact us to build a prototype for your Odoo Enterprise Data.

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