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Your Very First Step into Digital Transformation

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Are you worry about the digital disruption and changing of customer expectation in your industry? If you are, it is the right time to consider embarking digital transformation for your business.

Digital transformation is to adopt business processes and practices to help the business compete effectively in an increasingly digital world, in response to the digital trend and disruption.

In contrast to the popular belief that digital transformation is only for large enterprise, the fact is that SME has the advantage of implementing the digital transformation more rapidly and holistically, because you can implement the technology platform from the scratch and made cultural and organization changes, in a relatively easy way.

Having said that, the million dollar question lingering on the mind of most SME business leader is "How?".


Step 1: "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

Your first step of planning is to develop a digital transformation strategy that is associated to your company's vision and brand promise.

Eg, A logistic company vision: Connecting people, businesses and goods to a better future - with logistic.

You may consider 4 Pillars to unlock SME Digital Transformation Success to draft your Strategy. Here are some useful tips:

a. Have a goal with intermediate objectives - start small and enjoy the result in shorter time, to keep up the momentum. Always monitor the KPI.

b. Focus on the business outcome with the maximum impact.

c. Ease your business pain & Maximize gain - remove pains felt by your employees in their daily operation and your customers will be benefited from it.

d. Drive your competitive advantage - study your major competitors and other competitors in the digital world.

e. Digital Transformation lead - Who should lead your digital transformation? A good fit would be the "C" level with the customer facing and operational role.

Step 2: Evaluate your readiness - People, Process, Data and Technology

Get a consulting company that can bridge the business and technology for your end-to-end digital transformation, and asses the readiness of your people, process, data and technology.

Contact us to assess your digital transformation readiness.

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