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Vendor invoice automation - OCR with Email (Vendor invoice)

In our relentless pursue of the automation to transform the Freight Forwarding operation,

our OCR has been further enhanced with the email function.

The primary reason to incorporate email function is that when there are multiple pages of the invoice in a single pdf, the OCR extraction could be time consuming, and therefore email with the scheduled background job to process it would be more efficient.

What are the use cases for the OCR of Freight Forwarding:

1) Carrier invoices

2) Haulage invoices

3) Port invoices

What are the benefits of OCR of the vendor invoices

1) Reduce the human error, with multiple pages and container numbers.

2) Speed up the data entry of the vendor invoices in the Accounting module.

3) Free up the employee from the repetitive task, to focus more innovative task , rather than the repetitive task.

Steps to OCR with the email

a) user to validate and forward the received vendor invoice as attachment to a dedicated email, eg,

b) A vendor bill will be created, with the vendor invoice as attachment.

c) A scheduled action job to run the OCR on hourly basis, map to the vendors, different products

d) Map the vendor bill items to the job based on the container no or the Bill of Lading No.

Contact us if you are interested to OCR your business operation, be it in Logistics or any other industries. We are always taking pride to work closely with the SME to accelerate their digital transformation.

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