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Premium Software at Affordable Price Point for Freight Forwarder in Malaysia

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Undoubtedly, there is a growing trend post Covid-19 for Freight Forwarder to adopt the modern software technology. The one million dollar question is, what exactly should a Freight Forwarder looking for?

Top 3 Key Criteria to be fulfilled by Freight Forwarding Software

  1. Working from home and remote from office has became a new normal. Outdated software that simply couldn't support working from home can no longer be tolerated. Going forward, web-based and mobile-enabled freight forwarding software is a must for freight forwarder.

  2. Digital Transformation for paperless and enhanced customer experience. A customer portal that allow your customers to access their sales quotations, invoices, shipping instructions online, is an excellent way for richer customer experience and reduced the paper usage.

  3. A single software that can meet your operation demand for Freight Forwarding operation, Email Communication, Accounting for finances, CRM for your sales, Request of Transport for Haulage, Warehouse for your cargo storage and consolidation, etc.

To know more about the GoExcel Logistics for Freight Forwarder, click here.

Contact us for any demo or enquiry of our affordable pricing.

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