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Import Journal Entries to Odoo, by Excel

There are numerous occasions to use the Upload of Journal Entries via the Excel,


  1. Opening balances - during the implementation and before Go Live, opening balance from old system has to be imported to the Odoo.

  2. Audit adjustment - journal entries to be made can be uploaded in batch, to speed up the manual entry.

The following is the example of the information required by the Journal Entries Upload.

a) Date - Journal entry date.

b) Reference - reference of the journal entry, which will also be the running number of the Journal entry.

c) Journal - Journal type such as customer invoice, vendor bill, bank journal, etc.

d) Partner - Optional. Customer or Vendor name, but only needed for AR or AP account is invoiced (Eg, Trade debtors/Trade Creditors).

e) Partner Code - if d) is filled and sometimes there are many customer or vendor with the same name, we will need the partner code (Internal reference).

f) Label - label in each journal items.

g) Account code - chart of Account for posting.

h) Analytic Account - optional

i) Analytic tag - optional

j) Amount Currency - if used any foreign currency, other leave it empty.

k) Currency - if used the Foreign currency, other leave it empty.

l) Debit - for Dividend, Equity, Asset type.

m) Credit - for Revenue, Expenses, etc.

n) Date Maturity - if for invoice, date maturity is the due date of the invoice.

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