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Alternative Document Management and E-Signature in Odoo

What i love about Odoo is its app store with abundance of choices for apps. Same goes to the Document Management App.

There is a great Document Management in the Odoo EE, but there is no short of options for Odoo CE. If you want a relatively simple document management, this MUK Document may be an option to look into.

MUK Document allow you to upload and organize the documents into different folders, access group and preview the document (pdf, MS Doc, MS Ppt, MS Excel, etc) .

Additional features in DM.

1) Send out document as attachment via the email.

2) Tracked who has received the documents.

3) Validity date of the document.

4) Flag some Internal document that cannot be sent out.

5) Support the incoming Email with attachment and will auto store in the folder.

6) Electronic signature with the Document Management. See the following video.

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