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GoExcel Transport for Haulier in Malaysia

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

GoExcel Transport Management is a part of end-to-end GoExcel Logistics solution, that streamlines the daily operation of the Haulier or Transporter in Malaysia, by providing features, such as request for transport, trip dispatching, fleet maintenance, and more.

Values of GoExcel Transport Cloud-based Software, Powered by Odoo

1) End to End process from Freight booking job to Request of Transport.

2) Organize your Request of Transport in Kanban view, Calendar View, etc, for easy tracking via status and quick analysis

3) Quick and ease of use to assign FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less Truck Load) to trip.

4) Optimize the dispatching of the trip to the driver and vehicle via Vehicle or Driver Availability Timeline.

5) Digital Signature with mobile device for Proof of Delivery.

6) Fleet Management for your vehicle's maintenance and driver history.

7) Invoicing and billing with powerful Accounting features.

Contact us for our upcoming GPS tracking of the vehicle and driver location.

Request for Transport in Tree and Calendar View

Details view of Request for transport, with status and cargo information.

Monitor Driver and Vehicle Availability.

Trip with driver, vehicle, status and cargo info

Proof of Delivery with mobile signature

Fleet with Maintenance history, odometer, driver, etc.

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