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GoExcel Manufacturing Software for Furniture Manufacturing in Malaysia.

Updated: May 4, 2021

Malaysia furniture industry has been urged by the government to gear up toward transforming from Original Equipment Design to Original Brand Design, to stay competitive in the global market.

One of the key concept of furniture branding is to build the perception of your brand as being sustainable and environmental friendly. This will required an ERP platform that is open, flexible, cloud-based and intuitive.

What Furniture Manufacturing industry really wanted, for a software?

  • Paperless and Automation for your operation, from sales & purchase, inventory and warehouse, manufacturing to accounting.

  • Customizable furniture will require a software that can support product configurator, such as for different variants of color, dimension, material, etc.

  • Flexibility to support product bundle, deposit, partial delivery, sales quotation revision, keep track of manufacturing by-product, etc

  • Integrated to non-core processes like Point Of Sales, Website, E-Commerce, Payroll, Timesheet, Project Management, etc.

  • IR4.0 further accelerate the importance of a flexible and full-fledged ERP.

Values of GoExcel Manufacturing for Furniture Manufacturing, powered by Odoo

  1. Create your furniture in the product bundle with other sub-components. Eg, bundle a door set with door frame, door leaves, hinges, lock, etc.

  2. Product configurator allows salesperson to easily customize different variants for product bundle in sales quotation and order. Eg, A door set with multiple color (black, brown), hinges (left or right), material (EG Metal, Balau Timber), etc.

  3. Auto-calculate delivery charge based on the distance of shipping address from the Google/Bing Map API.

  4. Simplified purchase order creation in the sales order for multiple vendors with inventory information.

  5. In the meantime, delivery order is allow to ship partially (multiple delivery order) and down-payment (Percentage or Amount) invoicing.

  6. Keeping track of your inventory valuation with real pricing or average cost. Get on top of your product cost by inclusion of your landed cost (Freight, import duty, insurance, etc).

  7. Inventory with goods receipt, put away, picking, packing and shipping of the goods. Configure advanced features like packaging, traceability (serial no or lot no with barcode scanning), routes and inventory valuation.

  8. Automate your manufacturing process by using Manufacturing order, work order and work center for your furniture cutting and assembly.

  9. By-Product Management to keep track of by-product in the inventory from your manufacturing to be reuse or recycle.

  10. Quality Control with Quality check Pass-Fail and Measure.

  11. Maintenance (Corrective or Preventive) of the equipment with maintenance request, warranty and contract.

  12. Extend to other operation such as document management for e-signature, approval, automate vendor bill creation with OCR scanning.

Contact us to know more about our subscription pricing or demo.

Product variant configuration

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