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Special 'Period 13' in Odoo for Audit Adjustment

Period 13 is commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore, to post the Audit adjustment.

Importance of Period 13

1) To the Tax authority, sometimes they will ask to see the Financial Report before and after Audit. Therefore, it is important for the financial report such as P&L and Balance sheet to present the report with and without the audit adjustment.

2) Top management to view the financial report for before and after Audit adjustment.

In the standard Odoo, there is no such 'Period 13' feature. Here is Excelroot's innovation to enhance the Odoo Accounting.

a) In the Misc. Journal, Period 13 will be available to tick. If ticked, it will be Period 13 Adjustment Journal.

b) In the Balance Sheet, Profit&Loss, General Ledger and Trade Balance report, user will be able to generate report that include or exclude Period 13.

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