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Set up Odoo instance in Ubuntu Server in 15 minutes

There are many online resources on how to set up Odoo instance, but i've found out that using the following installation script is the quickest and less hassles.

What the script will do:

a) Install the Odoo EE or CE with Postgresql, in the Ubuntu server.

b) Install the nginx for the reverse proxy.

c) Install the Let's Encrypt SSL with the auto-renewal after expired.

Download the following installation script by choosing the version of the Odoo that you want to install. The following are the parameters that can be changed:

A - odoo user

B - odoo port

C - True is EE and False is CE

D - The hostname or can be with subdomain

E - Admin email for SSL registration

Having said that, depending on when you are installing it, some of the link for libraries in the script might be changed, so you may have to do some manual download, but nonetheless it can be done easily.

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