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Odoo Sales Blanket Order

In the standard Odoo blanket order, it is a Purchase Blanket Order, to allow to create the Purchase order from the blanket order (pre-agreement on an agreed price and quantity).

On the other hand, there is a business requirement for the Sales Blanket Order.

Sales Blanket Order, is a pre-agreement to sell a number of the quantities and price, to your customer, and to be delivered over a period of time. Sales Blanket Order can be useful in an industry with recurring order of consumable products, or to offer the customer with a promotional prices for bulk purchase.

There is an OCA module Sales Blanket Order that allow the creation of the Sales order from a blank order.

The following is an example of creating a blanket order for bundled products, and create the sales order with multiple Delivery Orders for different quantities and deliver date.

Create and add the product bundle for the promotional items and add it to the blanket order.

Blanket order to allow to deliver a pre-agreed quantities and dates.

Select No of Delivery order, with different delivery date and quantity.

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