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Odoo Reports - Tips About Printing

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Odoo report is the pdf print out for sales quotation, invoice, purchase order, etc, which is usually generated via the Qweb template. For the record, it is also possible to print out in the pdf with the email template (<field name="body_html">).

This Odoo technical development blog is my way to contribute back to the Odoo Community, for all the selfless and great sharing by the community members.

1. Add the report to the print menu

Sometimes, if the report is missing from the print menu, you may add it via the following:

Go to the Settings -> Technical -> Reports

2. Multiple same reports in the print menu

This happened during the installation for reporting module (development).

The solution is simple, just go to the Settings -> Technical -> Reports, and search for the report name. You will see the list of the same report and delete it accordingly.

3. Print multiple reports in one go

This function allow the user to print multiple (downloaded to pdf in multiple pages) invoices, etc in one go.

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4. Print preview

There are many third party add-on that allow the print preview, before downloading as a pdf to the local PC. This save the user from downloading, if they just want to preview the print out before sending to the customer.

Having said that, user may not be able to save it to the document name (defined in the report).

5. Quick Fix in the Production database

This is not a recommended best practice, but, sometimes, due to urgency, developer can go to the Settings -> Technical -> Reports, to edit the report directly to debug or fixing the bug. Once saved, the report will reflected directly, without restarting the Odoo.

note: Remember to update the module source file (xml) later, because any upgrade to the other reports may wipe out your changes to the report.

Note: sometimes, you may go to the Technical ->Views, to find the QWeb Report.

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