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Odoo Quotation - Description and Terms & Conditions

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

From the past Odoo project implementation experience, one of the key feedback of Sales Quotation is to have a support for more advance formatting, such as for Product Description and Terms &Conditions (Note) in the Quotation Report print out.

Example of the desired formatting in the product description and T&C, are bold, underline, indentation, font size, etc, to provide a better look & feel and clarity to the viewer of the Quotation report print out.

One of the possible option is to customize to replace the standard "Description" field in the quotation, with the html type field of "Description". This is a major customization as it will affect the quotation template function (copy) and copy to Purchase order, Delivery Order, etc.

As for the Terms & Conditions, this sale term app in the Odoo App Store will give you the dynamic sales term for Quotation, and the same function can be extended to the Invoice, DO, PO, etc.

Example of the Product Description

Example of Term & Condition in the Quotation

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