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Odoo Purchase and Return in Different UoMs

By Muhammad Kashif

In the Distribution and Trading industry, products may be purchase or sell in larger UoM (eg, Case of 24 Can) but when return (defect, expired) in smaller UoM (Can). In Odoo, we can handle 2 different UoM easily, with the ratio.

On Each UoM we can define the Unit Qty/Ratio it contains . e.g Box of 24 will contain 24 qty/units.

Box of 12 will contain 12 qty/units of that product respectively.

Now for the return process . Let's say the customer returns 4 units. We go to sale DO (Delivery Order) and click on return.

A popup will come where we will enter the quantity as per the actual units .. in my example to return 4 quantities, and the box of 24 contains 24 quantities. the return qty will be 0.167 which is equivalent to 4 units out of 24.

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