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Odoo Accounting - How to Handle the Unknown Payment (Suspense Account)

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In the business, in some occasions, there are some deposits to the bank account that may not be able to linked to any customer or invoices. Due to the monthly closing, accounting user needs to park this received payment to the Suspense Account.

Some of the possible reasons:

a) In the bank statement, there is no Sender, or no Payment Reference, or the payment amount doesn't matched with any of the invoice.

b) The invoice may not be created at that time, due to various reasons, eg. Salesperson is travelling and has not created the invoice.

In Standard Odoo EE 13 and above, there is a way to do it, but may be too complicated for some business operation. The following is another way to do for Odoo CE and lower version of Odoo EE.

  1. To do the monthly closing and reconcile the Bank statement, create a journal entry (DR Bank and CR Receivable) and post.

Alternative: you may CR to a "Prepayment Account" instead.

2. Once identified the customer that made the payment, cancel the journal entry and add the partner to the receivable account, and finally post it.

Alternative: Create another journal entry (CR to Receivable with partner and DR to "Prepayment Account")

3. Once there is an invoice for the customer, the posted journal entry will, by default, became the outstanding credit (payment) in the invoice, the user can just click “Add” to match the invoice with the journal entry.

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