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How to use Odoo Account Voucher (Purchase/Sale Receipt)?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

When I was first came across Odoo Account Voucher (Purchase & Sale Receipt), i was pretty confused.

First Question that pop up my mind: What is the Purchase Receipt and how can it be used? How is it different from the payment against vendor bill?

Followed by: How is the Purchase Receipt different from Payment Voucher (cash), that is being widely used in Malaysia?


Odoo Purchase Receipt Vs Payment Voucher (Malaysia-way)

In Odoo, Purchase Receipt is used to pay for the expenses that are without the vendor bill (supplier invoice), which can be things like utilities, office expenditures, etc.

It will be easier to use Purchase Receipt to record non-trading transactions, given that most of the time, supplier invoice were not given, and it is cash basis (no credit).

So far so good.

However, in Odoo, what puzzled me was that upon posting of Purchase Receipt, a bank payment will also be created automatically. This led me to think, why is there a need to post to the other Creditor Account (any of Payable account)? I have no answer...

Purchase Receipt

DR RM23.00 to Printing Account

CR RM23.00 to Other Creditor Account (Payable)

Bank Payment

DR RM23.00 Other Creditor Account (Payable)

CR RM23.00 to PBB Account (Bank)

Payment voucher (Malaysia) is posting to the Bank Account directly, without the Payable.

Cash Payment Voucher (Malaysia)

DR RM23.00 to Printing Account

CR RM23.00 to PBB Account (Bank)

In Malaysia, Payment Voucher can be the Odoo payment for vendor bill or Purchase Receipt. A payment voucher report would occasionally be required.

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