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New Experience with Odoo Project Management

Industry such as in Construction Building Material, Custom-made Furniture, Solar Solution Provider, etc., are often running on a project basis, with the following challenges:

a) Coordination of various parties involved in the projects and deadlines to meet. Each mistake would cost huge lost and time to rectify.

b) Extensive manual work to keep track of the project purchase material and human cost, billing progress and finally to calculate the profit of each project.

c) Lacking of the communication to measure customer experience in the customer digital age.

Benefits of using Odoo Project Module

1) Enhance customer experience by allowing the customer to interact and monitor the project progress via the customer portal.

2) Analyze the sales, cost and profit of the project. This can be achieved via budget and analytic account.

3) Improvement on the project operation efficiency with reminder, automatic notification, scheduling activity, calendar for planning, document upload and sharing.

Features and Function of the Project Management Module

1. Salesperson to create the Sales Order and tag to the analytic account.

2. Check the availability of the employee in the Planning in the Gantt Chart or Calendar view, and make reservation.

3. Easily create the project and with task templates.

4. Default Stages in the kanban view.

5. Invite the customer to the customer portal to monitor the project progress and feedback. This will not incurred additional Odoo licenses.

6. Clock in and out to capture the timesheet, and with the hourly rate, will be able to keep track of the labor cost.

7. Purchasing of the raw materials for installation, with the vendor bill and tagged to the analytic account.

8. Customer access to the project and task to provide feedback, such as any defection and issue.

9. Customer portal signature in the each task.

10. Sending Customer Satisfaction Survey at the end of the project and satisfaction survey.

Calendar Planning view for schedule.

Kanban view of the project and task

Customer signature and feedback.

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