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Mass Reassign Salesperson in Odoo

In the FMCG and B2B consumable products industry, customers are often assigned to a salesperson, based on certain criteria, eg, geographical territory or product category.

In the standard Odoo or most of the CRM software, the challenges to mass re-assign customers or opportunities to a salesperson, when salesperson resigned and new salesperson is taking over, or territory has been re-allocated.

A quick solution is to rename the old salesperson to the new salesperson, but that would inherit all the customers, but that also will lost the historical transaction data and problematic to the commission analytic.

The following the Odoo App to mass reassign customers, opportunities, contact person or shipping address, from a salesperson to another salesperson, or based on city. This is time-saving and yet preserve the historical transaction data of the resigned salesperson.

  1. User can search all customers to be re-assigned, based on city or salesperson.

a) Mass re-assign customers in a certain city or area, to a salesperson.

b) Mass re-assign customers of a salesperson, to another salesperson.

Any customers in the search result can be deleted (to not reassign).

2. User can search all the opportunities of a salesperson and filter the stage, to mass reassign.

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