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HR Payroll Software For SME in Malaysia

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Odoo being an ERP solution, has a complete suite of HR module. Payroll is the crown jewel of HR module and could be used for any company. Odoo Payroll has a very flexible and strong framework to define the salary rule and structure to generate the pay-slip from the employee contract.

Having said that, localization of the payroll for regulatory conformity is inevitable and so does the localization for Malaysia market by Excelroot Technology. In a nutshell, payroll system will reduced time to prepare employee's payroll significantly, improve employee experience and provide insight for your employee's performance evaluation.

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1) Employee

  • Employee master data, such as personal information, job-related information, statutory related information, Training information, education information, bank details and HR settings.

  • Employee contract.

2) Leave

  • Configure different type of leaves and allocation per employee (sick leaves, unpaid leaves, annual leaves, etc.)

  • Configure public holiday and state holiday, by year.

  • Leave request by employee and Approval by the manager.

  • Showing the remaining and taken leaves in the pay-slip.

  • Actual working days calculation in the pay-slip.

  • A Centralized Calendar to show all the leaves, public holiday, meeting for all employees.

  • Leave analytic reports.

3) Attendance

  • Check-in and Check-out using the tablet as KIOSK, with password or badge ID.

  • Check-in and Check-out verification with the geolocation.

  • Attendance report.

  • Attendance with the Overtime rules and Overtime rate, Late In rules, etc, to calculate Overtime.

  • Posting of Overtime to the payslip.

4) Expense

  • Request for Monthly Expense by employee and approval by manager.

  • Approved Expense to post to Accounting.

  • Approved Expense request to add to the pay-slip for reimbursement.

5) Pay-Slip

  • Flexible salary rules and salary structure to add or enhance salary calculation.

  • Support salary calculation for EPF, PCB, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and ZAKAT.

  • Generate the Pay-slip and send via email.

  • Post salary to the Accounting journal, individually or as group (anonymous).

  • Employee Salary Summary Report.

  • Print LHDN EA Form and E Form.

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