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GoExcel Freight Standard Package for Start up Freight Forwarder

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Excelroot has pride ourselves in delivering the innovative cloud-based Freight Management solution to Freight Forwarder in Malaysia.

After 4 years of implementations for many freight forwarders, Excelroot is excited to launch a standard out-of-box Freight Management Software, specially for Malaysia start up Freight Forwarder, with a very affordable package.

Who can benefited from standard GoExcel Freight Management software?

  1. A small start up company with not more than 5 employees.

  2. A new startup company who wanted to adopt the standard best practice of Freight Forwarding operation in Malaysia, from Freight Forwarding operation to Accounting.

  3. A fast growing start up company which, in future, can upgrade to our Professional package, with richer features and flexible customizations.

Why choose standard GoExcel Freight Management Software over other Software?

  1. Instant access to your Sales, Cost and Profit for each job, and breakdown of each charge codes.

  2. Get the industry best practice for setting up your Quotation, Job, Billing and Accounting.

  3. Potential to scale up your business to other logistics area, such as Transport Management, Warehouse Management, CRM, Payroll, etc.


  1. Standard products (charge codes) and Chart of Account will be provided.

  2. Easy upload of the customers and vendors data via the Excel upload function.

  3. A dedicated URL for your cloud access : <your-company>

Contact us to kickstart your cloud digital journey.

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