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Customer Visit Management, powered by Odoo

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

In the CRM, one of the common sought-after feature is the Customer Visit Management. Before delve into the details of the customer visit, it is good to understand the subtle difference of the type of the customer in your industry.

3 Type of customer

  • Direct B2C - selling your products directly to your individual end consumer.

  • Direct B2B - selling your products directly to your business end consumer.

    • Indirect B2B - typically manufacturers or principal distributor who selling products to dealers or retails shop, who in turn selling to end consumer.

Customer visit management is vital to the industry that are having Direct B2B or Indirect B2B, which constantly in an intense competitive market. Building a better customer relationship and enhanced customer experience would be the key strategy to out-do your competitors.

Challenges In Customer Visit

1) Mobility - salesperson is on constant bustling from a customer location to another. In some industries, eg, pharmaceutical industry, there could be up to 10 visits in a day. Each visit could be in 15 to 30 minutes. Useful information must be captured and access in a quick and accurate way.

2) Instant access to your ERP information - during the customer visit, salesperson would want to have instant access to information such as product pricing and availability, promotion, customer statement of account and aging, sales history and other customer service activities.

3) Insight to the visits - insight to the visits, help to improve the sales performance of the salesperson and increase sales from customers.

Activities to be performed in Customer visit

a) Merchandising activities, such as shelf display, stock count, advertising, etc.

b) Order taking which is to create the sales order and access the pricing, stock availability, estimated delivery date, past sales order, etc.

c) Payment Collection and Sales Performance Report of your customer.

d) Introduce new product launches, product training and promotion.

e) Customer service such as product return, analysis to product issue, customer complaints, etc.

Customer Visit Software that can really help

1) As a salesperson, view and create your visit in the mobile browser (Chrome or Safari) - kanban and table view.

2) Mobile view of your visits in the calendar and summary of your planned visit (by salesperson, customer, etc), to help you to plan for your weekly or monthly visits.

3) On the planned visit date, you can get the direction to your customer location

via the google map drive, automatically.

4) Once arrived at your customer site, you may check-in. This will captured your current GPS coordinate and date, which can be verified by the Manager later. You will see your last visit remark (if any) to this customer, which reminds you what to prepare to face your customer.

You can capture or update photos during the visit, such as for your merchandising activities.

Finally, summarized your visit and put a note in the remark field, before check out.

Odoo ERP is mobile browser enabled, which means you may create the Sales Order, access the inventory, sales reports, etc.

5) Quickly plan your next visit, which will be defaulted based on the configured visit frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc).

6) Manager to verify the check-in/out location in the google map, view the summary of the visits, etc.

Contact us if you are interested and get more details about our upcoming Advance Visit Routing which help to plan your visit effectively for multiple customers in a city or district that you are visiting.

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