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Odoo - How to Post Bank Charges in the Payment

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Bank charges may be incurred in any online payment transaction, and the amount is bigger when it comes to receive or send payment to an oversea customer/vendor that involved foreign currency. Eg, When you received a USD1000.00 payment from the oversea customer, to your MYR account, bank may impose USD8.00 of bank charges.

In the Odoo CE, there is no standard way to add the bank charges in the payment.

Of course, there is always a possible way to do the manual posting in the journal entry, but it is not the cleanest way to do.

Having said that, there are a few Odoo App available and with a little customization, to get the following result.

Create the Customer payment with Bank Charges and Posted To Journal Entries

DR USD8.00 (MYR34.8) to the Bank Charges Account.

DR USD1,883.00 (MYR8191.05) to the Bank Account.

CR USD1,891.00 (MYR8225.85) to the Account Payable.

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