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4 reasons How CRM Software Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Is CRM dead among the SME businesses in Malaysia?

If you have experience using CRM software, do you opine that CRM software is overpromising and under-delivering?

Many SME business owners had attended training on sales methodology and often has the awareness of CRM software. Having said that, when it comes to apply CRM software in their company, there are always some hesitations and resistance.

The following are the 4 criteria that would help to qualify if CRM software is beneficial to your company

a. B2B Industry with recurring sales Example are pharmaceutical, chemical, consumable products, etc.

This kind of B2B business usually will have salespersons that would take care of the different set of customers, and territories.

CRM would effectively help your sales team to keep track your customer forecast, inventory, sales order taking, territory management, sales call, building better relationship with your customer and many more.

b. Sales cycle that running for months to close deal and often expense ticket items Example are IT software, automotive, engineering & machinery or any project based nature of business. Without an easily accessible digital platform, salesperson and management would have hard time to keep track of all the sales pipeline, appointment and follow up, and possibly lost track of the opportunities.

CRM would effectively improve your sales efficiency by giving more insight into your customer or prospect, pipeline and forecast, and increase chances to close the deal.

c. Customer Relationship or Customer Experience

If your industry is happened to be a relationship-based, CRM would be a great tool to give you insight to the 360 view of your customers, with the past, current and future predictive data.

If you wish to promote brand awareness and better customer experience, CRM could be of great help to optimize the channels of interaction with your customers and provide automation to enhance the customer experience.

d. Sales team with more than 5 persons and territories

When you feel that Excel, Email or WhatsApp messages can no longer help you to keep track of your sales and sales team, it is a time to take a look at the CRM to centralized all the silos of data into your fingertips.

If you agreed that "money to buy convenience", why not start looking for CRM software in the market.

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