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3 reasons why I like Odoo Customization Methodology

  1. Open Source

Odoo is an open source ERP and therefore you will be able to download source code (Community Edition) from the github.

Open source empowered the developer to understand quickly the logic and functions of the core processes in the ERP, which may not be available in other proprietary software. This led to higher flexibility to customize.

2. Module based development

Odoo is build with modules. Each module has specific function, and is dynamic and extensible. Each module has model and view, which can extend the model (inheritance) and view from other modules. This offers the limitless enhancements and customization capabilities, as well as easy upgrade.

3. XPath in the XML template

Odoo uses XML templates to define the various user interfaces and reports. These templates are stored in the database as an XML document. This design offers a very flexible and dynamic method to amend any module with a simple Xpath expression.

The following is the example to hide a field in a module

<xpath expr="//field[@name='comment']" position="attributes"> <attribute name="attrs">{'invisible': True}</attribute> </xpath>

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