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3 reasons for Malaysia SME to embark the Digital Transformation journey

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

SME in Malaysia has been the backbone to the national economic growth. In Malaysia, there was a strong wave of digitalization of the SME businesses during the introduction of the GST in the Apr 2015, but has since been slowed down upon the replacement of the GST with SST.

The barriers to the adoption of the digital transformation by SME are often related to the lack of awareness of the potential benefits of Digital transformation, lack of the digital skill to operate the digital device or software and financial constraint. In Malaysia in particular, low wages of the employees have been one of the stumbling block to adopt digital transformation.

These are 3 reasons to address the barrier to the adoption by SME.

1. Innovation and Competition

Ask yourself as the business owner what are the threats and opportunities lies ahead? Would you be able to compete with the on-going digital disruption in your industry?

The first step of digital transformation is to identify and transform the core process that will make the most impact to your business. Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination.

What is the critical process that can be the key differentiator to your competitor?

What are the most time consuming manual process that can be automated? You and your employees time are best spent on the bringing improvement and innovation to your business.

2. Customer experience as the key differentiator

Customer experience is what your customer think of your company or brand as a result of the interaction with your product or service. Closest to your customer, closest to disruption.

Today is the "Age of Customer". Customer is equipped with far more information about your service or products, than ever. More often than not, they already made up their mind when contact you or arrived in your store.

They are often not easy to be persuaded by the advertisement, Rather, words of mouth from the customers or acquaintances are more powerful.

Without the presence in the digital world, be it a E-Commerce, Customer Service, Web-Site, Point of Sales, Loyalty program, Marketing campaign, you are losing out your customers to your competitors.

3. Ease of use and access

The proper approach to your digital transformation is to be cloud based, mobile enabled and ease of use.

Many senior citizens in Malaysia have embraced the digital skill with Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc. The design of the modern mobile app and web app have been simplified and user friendliness focus.

If the words are not convincing, it needs a sheer determination from the business owner to push for the digital transformation, from top down.

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