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Purchase Requisition (PR) in your ERP

In my opinion, Purchase Requisition (PR) is the missing puzzle in the standard Odoo, for the following reasons:

1. If a company has a Procurement or Purchasing department, there would be inevitably a need for a PR process. In the event of any internal employee wanted to make a purchase, a proper process would be to submit the PR to the purchasing department, which will be responsible to raise RFQ, negotiate and place the order.

2. PR may subject to approval from the Project Manager, Department Manager, Purchasing department and so on.

3. PR may also including pricing comparison from different vendors and justification to purchase.

There are many apps available on the Odoo store for PR. The following are the most desired features of PR:

Features and Functions of PR

a. Approval - multi-level approvals by Project Manager, Department Manager, Purchasing department and so on, with the email notification for approval, approved email notification and reject email notification.

b. Easy conversion from PR to PO - upon the approval, user can easily convert from PR to PO.

c. Upload attachment - upload the document such as the Vendor quotation or other documents to the Odoo.

d. Authorization - PR requestor may only view own PR, department manager may see department's PR, etc.

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