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Opening Balance Migration - Multiple Journal Partial Reconciliation in Payment

In case you are using the journal entries to migrate opening journals from other system to Odoo, the following is one of the possible scenario that may occurred:

If the amount owed by your customer (Account Receivable - AR) or amount owed to your vendor (Account Payable - AP) is huge, there is probably a chance that there might be multiple partial payments by your customer, or to your vendor.

Hence, if you have migrated the AP or AR via journal entry, you might want to do partial reconcile the payment against the AP or AR. However, this cannot be achieved in the standard Odoo (Odoo 13 and below).

I have spent countless hours to find solution, and the answer like "It is standard Odoo" is simply unacceptable.

I hope what i'm sharing here can help someone in the same predicament.

This is one of the OCA module that you can use. It allow for partial journal items reconciliation, but only for 1 partial journal item at a time. If you have more than 2 partial journal reconciliation, it will not be working.

2) Paid Module - Payment Allocation

This is probably the best Odoo Add-On module for payment reconciliation. It allows the payment reconciliation for customer (Invoices) and vendor (Vendor bill), as well as journal entries, in a very intuitive way. User can also easily reconcile payment against multiple invoices or vendor bills, partially or full amount.

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