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Odoo - Tips to Create and Write to Excel file (Python)

Updated: May 26, 2022

This Odoo technical development blog is my way to contribute back to the Odoo Community, for all the selfless and great sharing by the community members.

Pre-requisite of creating a Excel file is to download and install the following OCA module:

Base Report xlsx

It is important to at least study a little bit on the Xlsxwriter.

a) Create a class and inherit the report.report_xlsx.abstract class. Implement the generate_xlsx_report.

class ShippingInstructionXlsx(models.AbstractModel):
    _name = 'report.sci_goexcel_freight_2.report_si_xlsx'
    _inherit = 'report.report_xlsx.abstract'
    def generate_xlsx_report(self, workbook, data, lines):

b) The following are useful methods in the xlsxwriter:

  1. Add the name to the excel sheet

workbook.add_worksheet('worksheet name')

2. Create the format. Eg, set the font size, border line on left and right, align top and font color red, non-bold and wrap the text.

format_label = workbook.add_format({'font_size': 12, 'valign': 'top', 'bold': False, 'left': True, 'right': True, 'text_wrap':True})

3. Set the column width to 15 for column D to I .

sheet.set_column(3, 8, 15)

4. Merge the row 1, column D and E into 1 column, and write string 'Booking No.' to row 1, column D, with the format_label.

sheet.merge_range(1, 3, 1, 4, '', merge_format)
sheet.write(1, 3, 'Booking No.', format_label)

5. Merge the Cell row 2 to 7 and write 'Shipper' to it.

merge_format = workbook.add_format({'align': 'center'})
sheet.merge_range(1, 0, 6, 0, '', merge_format)
sheet.write(1, 0, 'Shipper', format_label)

c) When there is an programming error, unfortunately, the error message will not be displayed. A good old method to debug is to use the print statement to print on different breakpoint (or using the debug breakpoint),

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