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Odoo Purchase - To Create Purchase Order or Not

Purchase order is an agreement between the seller and buyer on the price and other conditions of the service or product to be sold. In Malaysia, sometimes, a purchase order may not to issue to the seller (vendor), and here is the WHY.

1) Do you need to create and issue a PO to your Vendor?

a) Yes - Sometimes, your vendor's SOP may required you to create the PO for them to provide the service or products to your company.

b) No - It could also be the frequent recurring ordering to your vendor, which may not required any PO.

c) No - If the final price of the vendor invoice may be varies from the PO, your vendor may not required you to issue PO.

2) Do you expect to have Incoming Receipt to update Inventory?

a) If yes, it is best to issue the PO.

b) If the product is a service, it will not generated Incoming Receipt.

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