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Odoo POS integration with Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is a E-Ink technology to dynamically display information on an electronic label, such as Text and Image, on the shelf, in your retail shop or warehouse.


•Save labor costs and improve operational efficiency - reduce labor cost and time to change the shelf label.

•Realize rapid promotion and increase product sales

•Optimize product display and enhance brand image

•Interactive marketing to improve customer satisfaction

Steps to Enable ESL Integration

a) Hardware Setup - Set up ESL Gateway (Access Point) and Connect ESL to the Access Point.

b) Import the product - push the Odoo product with barcode information and price to the ESL SAAS.

c) Create the Template in the ESL SAAS - design the template (image and text) to display the product information.

c) Bind the product to the template.

Architecture of the ESL integration to Odoo POS.

ESL display with product and price.

Template design for ESL to display product name, price, UoM, etc.

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