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Odoo - Inventory adjustment and Stock Count

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

In any warehouse or inventory, two major activities to be performed:

a) Initialize Inventory - This happen during the Go live of the new Odoo system. Stock quantity from the old system and physical stock count must be completed, and transfer to the Odoo (via Inventory Adjustment).

b) Stock Count (Monthly, Year End, etc) - The warehouse personnel generate the current inventory level for all the products in the system and physically go to each warehouse location to count the stock quantity and ensure it is matched with the system. This exercise is very critical to detect the theft, defective products, wastage, human error key in data to the system.

Both activities has to be taken place when there is strictly zero inventory movement in the system.

Go to the Inventory adjustment, select the inventory location and select to adjust all products.

a) "Theoretical Quantity" - existing quantity in the Odoo.

b) "Add/Reduce Qty" - customization that we have which is handy to adjust to the "Real Quantity".

c) "Real Quantity" - "Theoretical Quantity" + "Add/Reduce Qty"

Initial inventory by Excel Upload

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