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Odoo Accounting - Statement of Account (SOA)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Statement of Account (SOA) is one of the most commonly used method for payment follow up in some countries like Malaysia. When the customer invoices are overdue, sending the customer SOA is a non-intrusive way to remind the customer to make payment and ease the customer with all the details.

Nevertheless, there is a more advance payment follow up function in the Odoo to automate the payment reminder. eg, when to send (first, second, third reminder), what method (email or letter) and Email content (with the invoices info).

Desired features in SOA:

1) Option to show open invoices or all transactions

Sometimes user just wanted to show open invoices (unpaid) or CN, and do not wish to clutter the statement with the paid invoices and payment. On the other hand, sometimes, user would like to show the details for all the invoices (paid or unpaid), CN and payments.

2) Show Aging table - By Month or Days

Showing aging table is nice to give a overview of the aging of the invoices and which payment should be prioritize.

a) By Month - Current Month, 1 Month, 2 Months, etc., sometimes up to 12 months.

b) By Day - 1-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days, etc.

3) Aging by due date or invoice date

This will give flexibility to generate the SOA based on due date (invoice date + payment term) or the invoice date.

4) Option to show Supplier statement of Account or Customer statement of Account

In some businesses, user may also want to know details of the Supplier statement of Account, so that the payment to the supplier can be made in a timely manner, to maintain a good payment term.

5) Multi-currencies invoices for a customer

In certain industries, invoices in different currencies may be billed to the same customer. It will be nice if there will be separate pages for different currencies.

6) Allow the customer to download it from the customer portal.

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