• Tek Siong, Hock

How to Make Odoo document Sequence (Running No) Editable

Updated: Oct 20

This is the quick fix to change the Odoo sequence (running no) of any document to be editable. I would recommend to use the standard auto-incremental sequence and only use the manual sequence no under the following occasions:

1) When you want to allow the user to migrate the historical data from legacy system to Odoo manually, and the sequence must follow the legacy system.

2) When there is a mistake in the sequence set up and you want to fix the document with the wrong running no, manually.

How to do it

In the form view of the record (Debug mode), click on the debug and Edit View: Form.

Usually, the field is "name" or "number", depending on the model. Add the attribute readonly="False" and save.

After done with the manual sequence, dont forget to revert the readonly attribute.

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