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How to Improve Odoo Email function and usability

One of the most fantastic feature of Odoo is its standard sending and receiving email function, but at the same time, it is also not without some drawbacks.

The following is a list of possible drawbacks:

a) Cannot reply to the email by appending the historical conversation from the Odoo email editor.

b) No CC and BCC function in the email editor.

c) Email conversation is under the Document and not under the Contact, making it hard check back the email.

d) Not able to schedule the email sending with the scheduled date/time.

e) Sending out email for Multi-companies, which may have different email domain name.

Fortunately, the great thing about Odoo is its ecosystem, all the above have the apps to solve it. See the screenshots below.

You may find the apps below and others in the Odoo App store.

Reply to the email with historical conversation, cc , bcc and scheduled date.

Email in the contacts.

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