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Tax and SST Report for Malaysia

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Malaysia had reintroduced SST 2.0 in Sep 2018. SST has significantly reduced the number of companies that are subjected to pay SST, as compare to GST.

Businesses that are subjected to SST, are required to submit SST report, in every 2 months to Custom Department.

Set up SST

In Odoo, all kind of Taxes, inclusive of SST (6% or others), can be set up easily.

Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Taxes.

Tax scope = Sales (Customer Tax).

Enter the Tax Account.

Add the SST to the product which has SST.

If you add the product with SST in the invoice, after entering the price, the taxes with SST 6% will be automatically added and calculated.

SST Report

Businesses only paid the received payment for SST. Therefore, in the SST report, there should be a SST amount (invoice) and actual received SST amount.

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