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GoExcel Warehouse for Your Storage, 3PL and Consolidation business

GoExcel Warehouse is a cloud based software, part of the GoExcel Logistics solution that is helping Logistics company to efficiently running your warehouse as 3PL and cargo consolidation, for import and export.

a) Job Sheet

An overview of the warehouse operation job to capture the incoming cargo information.

b) Incoming Goods Receipt

2 steps operation with Inward Tally Sheet and Storage Operation

c) Outgoing Delivery

2 steps operation with Picklist and Delivery Order.

d) Printing

Printing of the Tally Sheet, Pick List and Delivery Order, and for warehouse operation to manual fill in.

e) Stock Card Report

Generate the report to view Stock In and Out for your customer.

f) Inventory Report

Overview of the customer stock quantity and location.

g) Barcode Scanning

Allow to use the Mobile Chrome in the smartphone to scan the barcode for Goods Receipt.

h) Automate Warehouse billing

Generate the customer invoices based on the storage by volume (M3) and no of days.

Job Sheet to be entered by the Operation user.

Tally Sheet (Inward)

Stock Card Report

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