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Blanket Orders in ERP

Blanket Order is a short term agreement between the seller and buyer on product(s) at a specific term, over a specified period of time.

Why use Sales Blanket Order

a) Bulk order to get the promotion price or discounted price, and to be delivered over a period of time.

b) A long term contract to lock the price on certain products and to be delivered over a period of time.

In the standard Odoo, the blanket order (purchase agreement) is in the Purchase module, which allow you to generate the RFQ from the blanket order.

On the other hand, if you are a company that wants to offer sales blanket order to your client, then you may consider using this sales blanket order app.

The following is the blanket order with a little customization to deliver with same or different quantities.

Change the Delivery date and quantity for each order to be generated.

3 Sales Order are generated.

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