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3 pitfalls to avoid before adopting CRM software

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

1) Back Office System

Back Office system is referring to the software that help to run the Accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, etc, also known as ERP.

a) If you do not have a back office system (i.e. manual system), or running a minimalist accounting system, it is not recommended to embark on the CRM software, unless you are fine that your CRM is without inventory (available quantity), statement of account, partner aging, delivery status, sales reports, etc.

b) If you have a back office system, but the CRM will be a separate system. If you wish to have master data (Customer, Product, etc) or transactional data such as Quotation, Order and Invoices or any real time data (Available quantity), delivery status, etc, available in the CRM, then you will have to come up with considerable budget to integrate CRM to your back office system.

2) Mobility Access

To reap the full benefits of the CRM, mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone will be more practical for your salesperson, to access the data at the fingertips when dealing with the customers. If the mobile network coverage in the area is poor, that would also defeat the purpose of CRM. Mobile devices and data plan, both may required additional investment.

3) Objections from your team

Change Management is inevitable when it comes to CRM implementation.

a) Sales entry personnel in the office may be made redundant when the salesperson can key in and get the data at their fingertips.

b) Salesperson may not be savvy in the mobile devices and order taking in the CRM system.

c) Change of roles and responsibilities could affecting Sales, Finance and Customer service departments.

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